Staff List

Senior Leadership Team                                       

Mr Rosewell Headteacher
Ms Linden Deputy Headteacher KS4
Ms Peduzzi Deputy Headteacher KS3
Mr Naylor Assistant Head - SEND CO
Mr Widger Assistant Head - Systems
Ms Chapman-Andrews Assistant Head - Teaching and Learning
Mr Davison Assistant Head
Mr Jackson School Business Manager


Achievement Leaders 

Year 7 Ms Preater - Safeguarding Lead
Year 8 Mr Broad
Year 9 Ms Smart
Year 10 Mr McCarthy
Year 11 Ms McKelvie

Assistant Achievement Leaders

Ms Arif Year 7
Ms Mitchell Year 8 & 9
Mr Wynter Year 10 & 11


Curriculum Teams



Mr Eves Curriculum Leader Art, Design & Technology
Ms McKelvie DT & Art - Achievement Leader (Year 11)
Ms Bravo Design Technology
Ms Chapman-Andrews Art & Assistant Head
Ms Edmonds Subject Leader - Art
Ms Umar Computing (p/t)


Ms Joseph Curriculum Leader for English
Ms Aslam Second in English
Ms Brown English
Ms Sooklall English
Mr Smith English
Ms Howard English
Ms Peduzzi English & DHT
Mr McCarthy English & Achievement Leader (Yr10)
Ms Clemente English


Mr Broad Music & Achievement Leader (Yr8)
Ms Deacon Subject Leader - Drama
Ms Rice Music


Mr Hore Curriculum Leader - P.E.
Mr Elliott P.E.
Ms Preater P.E. Safeguarding Lead & Achievement Leader(Yr 7)
Ms Storey P.E.


Ms Hussain Curriculum Leader -  Humanities & i/c History & Geog
Ms McDonald Religious Studies & Citizenship    
Mr Davison AST & Geography
Ms Jones-Lee Co-ordinator of SMRE (p/t)
Mr Cork History & Humanities
Ms Gilsenan Geography & Citizenship
Ms Brown Geography
Ms Komba-Kona RE & Humanities
Mr De Masi History


Mr Hall Curriculum Leader - Maths
Mr Hashem Second in Maths
Mr Quayum Maths
Ms Toofail Maths (p/t)
Ms Armstrong Maths
Mr Loonat Maths
Ms Linden Maths & DHT
Ms Abdi Maths


Ms McLean Curriculum Leader - Languages
Ms Berthelot French and Subject Leader - Spanish
Ms Brett French & Spanish


Mr Willer Curriculum Leader - Science
Ms Farooq   Second in Science 
Mr Ahmed Science
Ms Brinsdon  Science & Learning Support
Ms Smart Science - Achievement Leader (Yr 9)

Social Inclusion

Cover Supervisors


Ms Gayle-Bryan


Mr Marriner


Lianne Turner


Jessica Parker


Ethnic Minority Achievement


Mr Hartavellas

EMA Co-ordinator

Ms Mohammed

EMAG Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support


Mr Naylor

SENDCO & Assistant Head

Ms Marshall

Assistant SENDCO (p/t)

Ms Barnard

Inclusion Centre Manager

Ms Grant

Senior Learning Support Assistant

Mr Coleman


Ms Shelly

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Raheem

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Freestone

Learning Support Assistant

Mr Altamash

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Wigglesworth

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Lowe-Vidal

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Hamplova

Learning Support Assistant

Mr Cohen

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Akhter

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Reid

Learning Support Assistant

Support Staff

Support Staff



Mr Bailey

Data & Website Manager

Ms Davis

Admin Support (Art, Humanities, English, Maths & MFL) & Displays

Ms Day

Project & Procurement Officer

Ms Feltham

PA to Headteacher

Ms Hjiej-Andaloussi

PA to Deputy/Assistant Headteachers

Ms Harper

Admin Support Officer - Resources

Ms Lawrence

Admin Support Officer Pupil Services

Ms Spencer

Senior Admin Officer

Mr Sutton

Information Systems & Network Manager

Mr Thomas

Examinations Officer

Ms Raymond

Admin Support Officer & Finance Officer

Ms Lubel

Admin Support Officer - SEN/Work Related Learning

Ms Shaw

Admin Apprentice
Technology Technicians  
Ms Wright

Art & DT Technician

Ms Hickey

IT Technician

Mr Claydon IT Apprentice

Ms Holmes

Admin Support Officer/Food Technician

Ms Walker

Learning Resource Centre Manager

Ms Jangtorun

Senior Laboratory Technician

Ms Mushehdi Assistant Laboratory Technician
Site Services Personnel  
Mr Martial Premises Manager

Mr Francis

Site Services Officer

Mr Holder Site Services Officer
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