Notice: Stage 1 Building/Expansion

Dear parent/Carer

From Monday 16 May you may notice some contractors working at the front of the school.   This is the beginning of the building work as we prepare to expand and grow as a school.  The building work will run in different phases until completion in the summer of 2023.  We are optimistic that there will be little or very limited impact upon the day to day learning experiences of your child, but there may a be a few temporary changes to routines or arrangements at different times.

This first phase of building work starting on Monday and will involve remodelling to the front of the school around the existing bike sheds.  This will cause temporary disruption to our full capacity for students to park and securely store their bikes on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 May only.  We would ask that if possible, students do not cycle in on these two days.  If this is however, a major problem and you would still like your child to ride to school on Monday and Tuesday, please contact your child’s Achievement Leader and we will come up with a solution.  This is only a very short term problem, and from Wednesday 18 May all students will once again be able to cycle in and securely store their bikes each day.”

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