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Willowfield Celebrates National Writing Day

Posted on: 22/06/2017

Wednesday 21st June 2017 marked National Writing Day. Willowfield students were keen to celebrate the day by participating in First Story’s #Tell Your Story by writing about the view from their English classroom’s window.

The students were very creative and wrote 6 word stories, 100 word stories, poems, raps, and descriptions.

Have a look at some of the extracts from our favourite creative writing and the pictures of our engaged students below:

A car’s Narrative: This heat! I’m sure England isn’t supposed to be this hot! By Josephine, Year 7

A cloud’s narrative: Lonely. Very lonely. Looking around me right now, I can’t see another cloud at all. By Thalir ,Year 7

Maybe I was wrong. That first day when I even looked in her direction; when I thought she smiled at me. Maybe I shouldn’t have introduced myself. By Maimie, in Year 7

It was unexpected. No one saw it coming. By Leo, Year 7

Sideways I see the red ribbon waggling in wide waves. By Jack, Year 7

This house doesn’t know what’s coming. By Saabir, Year 7

This is the car park, big and wide

Made to store employee’s beautiful, bright rides. By Raheel, Year 7

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