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Inspiring writing in Walthamstow

Posted on: 02/03/2017

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National Literacy Trust: Young City Poets

From November 2016, many of our pupils at Willowfield took part in a workshop run by Ms. Sooklall, in partnership with the National Literacy Trust. 30 pupils made up of both Year 7s and 8 showed excellent commitment to weekly lunchtime sessions that focused on the development of creative writing skills. This club was further strengthened through a trip to the Museum of London, whereby Willowfield pupils had the privilege of working with published poets and museum curators who allowed students to handle historical objects. These were then used as a cultural stimulus to inspire poetry writing! This was enjoyed by all and resulted in many of our pupils making excellent progress in English.

The National Literacy Trust were overwhelmed with how well behaved and enthused Willowfield pupils presented themselves, so much so, they have included an article about our hard work on their website:


Congratulations to all of those who took part!

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