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Willowfield's World Autumn Edition

Posted on: 20/12/2019

First ever digital edition of Willowfield’s World available now.

Where you can read about the great things that have been happening this term. As you will all read and see in the media, there is grave concern about our environment and the long-term risks to our planet if we do not change the way we work and live across the world. As a school we are committed to doing our bit by raising awareness and reducing waste. Along with eliminating the printing of Willowfield’s World, we have cut out virtually all the single use plastic in our canteen and introduced “Meat Free Mondays”. These are small steps and we are looking at how we can do even more over the coming year – so watch this space. I hope you all share our concern and will think over the coming year how you might make a difference in your own way. It’s been a great term and I am delighted that the school was awarded the very prestigious “Platinum Arts Mark Award” from the Arts Council. This is a fantastic recognition of the school’s commitment to the arts and the great broad and enriching experience students at Willowfield enjoy. By the time you read this, the Christmas Concert will have been and gone. It was our biggest ever event involving over 300 students including some from our local primary schools. If you missed it, make sure you come to the next event and don’t miss out. Have a fantastic, safe and happy break and a great Christmas for those of you celebrating.
Mr Rosewell

Download here

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