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Posted on: 05/11/2019

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Fireworks

I am writing to remind you all that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to buy, carry or use fireworks. It is also illegal for anyone to throw or set off any firework in any street or public space. Fireworks are very dangerous items and every year numerous children are badly injured through the illegal use of fireworks.

If you are aware of children who are buying, carrying or using fireworks then please help us to keep them safe and contact the school. We will work with them and their families to ensure that they are protected from the physical risk of fireworks and the risk of being involved in illegal behaviour. In addition, if you are aware of shops that are selling fireworks to children under the age of 18 please contact the school or the police and help us to stop this dangerous activity.

The full details of the law are below:

Categories of fireworks

  • Category one: ‘Throwdown fireworks’ including firecrackers, bangers and party poppers
  • Categories two and three: ‘Adult fireworks’ available in shops
  • Category four: Professional display fireworks available from specialist suppliers

Who can use fireworks?

According to The Fireworks Regulations 2004External Link and The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015External Link:

  • Anyone over 18 can buy, carry or use category one, two and three fireworks
  • Anyone over 16 can only buy, carry or use category one fireworks
  • Anyone over 12 can buy Christmas crackers
  • Only licensed professionals can buy, carry and use category 4 fireworks
  • Unless part of an organised event by licensed professionals, fireworks cannot be used on the street or in a public place
  • It’s an offence to throw or set off any firework (including sparklers and category 1 fireworks) in or into any highway, street, thoroughfare or public space

We want to ensure that all our students are safe and happy, that they can enjoy fireworks in safe licensed displays while being protected from the risk of physical harm or illegal behaviour. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

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