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Willowfield School has a statutory duty to assist the local authority social services department (and the Metropolitan Police) acting on behalf of children in need or inquiring into allegations of child abuse.

The school also has a pastoral responsibility towards its students and recognises that they have a right to be protected from harm. This policy sets out how the school will help to protect children from abuse.

All staff, (including those from external agencies working in the school and volunteers) have a full and active part to play in protecting our students from harm. Staff and visitors are asked to acknowledge this by providing the school with a signed copy of our ‘Safeguarding Summary’ which is kept on file.

As an integral part of this policy all parents/carers are made aware of the responsibilities of staff members with regard to child protection procedures. This is done through the school prospectus and on the school web site. A copy of the full policy is available to parents on request or by clicking the links below.

Safeguarding & Welfare | The Hub - Waltham Forest Education Hub

Harmful Sexual Behaviour | The Hub - Waltham Forest Education Hub


There is also a FREE guide about Snapchat, the social media app which has been flagged by the NSPCC & the Humberside Police as being one of the main sources of online grooming incidents over the past 6 months in the region, with the youngest victim recorded just seven years old.

The guide informs parents about the dangers associated with the social media platform and how they can reduce the associated risks, including sexting, snap map and snap streaks.

free guide here:

You can also download the guide here 

NOS have also created a FREE guide about Yubo (formerly Yellow), the social media application which has been commonly labelled as ‘Tinder for Teens’.

The guide informs parents about the dangers associated with the platform and how they can reduce the associated risks, including, but not limited to; Bullying, Low Self Esteem, ‘Going Live’ and Location Features.

Free guide here:

As part of the #WakeUpWednesday campaign, NOS have created this FREE guide about Instagram – the app with over 800 million monthly users.

The guide informs parents and carers about the issues associated with Instagram and contains useful tips about how they can help protect their children when using the app.

Free guide here:

As part of the #WakeUpWednesday campaign, NOS have created a free guide for parents & carers about ‘Live Streaming’ – a growing trend amongst children and young people across the globe.
The guide is designed to inform parents and carers about the dangers of live streaming for their children and how they can help control the associated risks.

Free guide for parents here:

More information is available on the National Online Safety website.


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