Examination & Assessment

Willowfield School is committed to ensuring that the exams management and administration process is run effectively and efficiently. This exam policy will ensure that:

  • all aspects of the centre exam process are documented and other relevant exams-related policies, procedures and plans are signposted
  • all centre staff involved in the exams process clearly understand their roles and responsibilities
  • all exams and assessments are conducted in accordance with JCQ and awarding body regulations, guidance and instructions.
  • exam candidates understand the exams process and what is expected of them.

These policies are reviewed annually to ensure ways of working in the centre are accurately reflected and that exams and assessments are conducted to current JCQ (and awarding body) regulations, instructions and guidance.

You are advised to read the policies carefully so you have a full understanding as to what is required from you by the centre, JCQ and the awarding bodies.

If you do have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact the Exams Office staff on 020 8527 4065.

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