Willowfield Curriculum Intent

The Willowfield curriculum is based upon the fundamental principles of equality, inclusivity, diversity, democracy and mutual support. Within and across subjects and tutorial time, our ambitious curriculum provides students with powerful knowledge, deep understanding and effective skills to keep them safe and healthy, as well as engender a lifelong love of learning.

Our rich and relevant curriculum develops students as critical thinkers, powerful communicators, and confident, caring and active citizens.

It explores cultures and perspectives, within and outside the classroom, on a personal, local, national and global level. It challenges and inspires students, igniting their imagination, prompting awe and wonder, and catalysing critical thinking, creativity and innovation, through collaborative dialogue, experimentation, problem-solving and discovery.

At the end of the Willowfield experience, our students can compete with anyone, anywhere, professionally and personally, in the world that is their future.

The published curriculum overviews are subject to change due to the current pandemic and we aim to update these on a half-termly basis. For further information or questions about the curriculum please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


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